Storytelling through Art

Peter Ryan is a Perth based contemporary artist who specializes in oil paintings and pencil drawings. With a background in animation and script writing, he enjoys incorporating his passion for storytelling into his artwork.

Born in Perth Australia, from an early age showed a strong interest in art. He studied at Curtin University majoring in animation and receiving an Honours degree in Design. Peter was chosen to participate in the scriptwriting course with an established Disney animation scriptwriter from LA. As Peter developed is 3D visualisation and storytelling skills in animation, he found after years of creating and colouring 3D environments these skills were adaptable in his art. In 2009 Peter began to paint professionally, devoting time to make it his career.

Peter is inspired to recreate already picturesque environments into stylized trendy artwork, paying particular attention to the vivid palette of the landscape, but at the same time entertaining the onlooker through the tales of the characters.

“I like to create art that everyone can enjoy for different reasons, whether it is the colours, the subject matter, or the fact that it just makes them smile, I’m glad I can bring that into peoples homes”.

His artwork has always been referred to as bright, colourful, fun, funny, sweet, entertaining and uplifting. Peter has an inimitable style to his art, it is very recognisable and I have adapted it to many mediums including, oil painting, pencil, outdoor murals, digital corporate project, photography and jewellery. The humour mixed with his Australian artworks combined with the faceless figured find balance within their settings and allow the viewer to connect on a more personally level, seeing themselves or loved ones within the artwork.

In recent years he successfully adapted his oil painting skills to exterior public artworks, murals and children’s picture books. These include a community art rock project, cafes, exterior personalise commissions, government buildings, many Water Corporation sites, and workshops with children converting their ideas into large murals. Peter is currently illustrating a picture book for ‘Wide Eyed Press’, a funny tale about a whale and Australian beach life.

Peter’s artwork has been well received and the number of galleries and display locations wanting to sell his work is steadily growing. His prints and original can be found in thousands of Australian and international homes, adding colour, personality and joy.