Book Week 2020 Alkimos Primary School

With my new book ‘A Whale of a Day at Botany Bay’ now released, my first Book Week workshop was at Alkimos Primary School.

Two days and over 600 students to encourage, entertain, teach and have fun creating together. After Reading the book to years 1-3, showing them the process of creating art and the book and some heavy and fun Q & A, it was onto a full day of drawings whales, penguins and other animals from the book.

The second day was crazy! four groups of 60 kids…four parts to a story based on Alkimos Beach and loads of ideas to create the images with. Each group created ideas for the page, then we pulled their ideas together and after 30 minutes I had drawn in front of them the page for the story. And by the end of the day the students of Alkimos Primary School in a Book Week workshop had created their own story.

This Workshop went so well the idea also morphed into a new school mural.


Hi Liz
I just thought I would give you some feedback on Peter, I told him at recess time but thought I would let you know in case you needed to do a feedback form or something.
My kids absolutely loved the drawing workshop – Peter was really good at giving them instructions and it was pitched at the right ability level for year 1/2s. He was also really helpful with students who needed to ‘fix’ their drawings, gave them good advice and was really positive. He made sure to go to every student and give them positive feedback on their picture.
 I have been to some illustrator incursions before and they have just talked at the kids. It was really good that this one was interactive.
 It was fantastic.
 Thanks so much for organizing it.

View with video of the Art Work creation…