Heathridge Primary School Art Workshop

It was very cool to hear that ‘Heathridge Primary School’ had chosen me to be their term 1 Artist to learn about, and I was very impressed see all the re-works the kids did of my paintings!!! But I was mostly looking forward to creating brand new artworks with them as I always enter each workshop with no prepared plan for what we create, and then we discover together as we work though their ideas. With a little grounding in the school as a theme, I take a lot of pride in what we created…

WORKSHOP 1 – ‘A Quite Place for Adventure’, WORKSHOP 2 – ‘Colours of Kangaroo Ridge’, WORKSHOP 3 – ‘Stop to See the Wonder’, WORKSHOP 4 – ‘Fly High, See Far’

These digital artworks will be printed on A2 archival art paper, framed and hung in the school library and office.