Paper Avenue Cafe

Dulux Interior & Exterior Weather shield paint

Wall size Approximately 3mx2m

Location – Paper Avenue Cafe. 52 Davidson Terrace Joondalup

It was Monday morning when I was told by a third party there was a new coffee shop opening in a week and if I had time I should pop in as they needed art for the walls. The owners were in, they took a look at my style of art and where excited by it, but were after a mural that needed to be up before the opening. The only direction being to suit the natural and teal colour pallet, and possibly a nautical theme. I took photos, measurements and a few minutes to get a feeling of the layout which was still being prepped. By the end of the day had sent them a design sketch which they approved. The next day I gathered the colours required and planned out a scaled layout of the mural on the wall including the painted logo requested (as there was no sign). Thursday morning I was transferring the design outline onto the wall, and had completed the painted mural by Friday afternoon, ready for the grand opening on Monday.

The cafe opened on September 4th 2017. The owners were extremely happy with the mural and say it’s like a colourful friendly greeting to the customers. They say they receive positive feedback all the time and I do also in the many tags I receive on instagram and stories, such as the young boy who loves going to the cafe and sitting under the sailor.

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