Helping through Art

“You never meet a strong person with an easy background.”

Kendall Whyte, Blue Tree Project

In 2013 Peter’s three-year-old daughter Skye was diagnosed with leukaemia, and he decided to quit his animation job to look after her and focus on his art. It was an experience which taught him to be strong and showed him the value that help from others can give, and the desire to pay it forward.

"Don't Forget to Breathe"

Paint Me A Rainbow - Autism Awareness

Peter helped bring the characters April & Flash and their world to life, in a new book which teaches children the importance of dealing with anxiety.

Journey of Health & Wellbeing

Peter takes the Aboriginal story of oppression and creates something beautiful and engaging to connect and share a message to help heal.

Blue Tree Project

Peter was honoured to create the original artwork which told the story behind the first Blue Tree. The project became a whole exhibition, and raised money to support the charity which in its short time has become an icon for mental health awareness.

Splash of Colour

In 2021 Peter was selected to paint Water Corporations assets, and included the Yanchep Beach Primary School in the design process. Watch the video to see just how the murals developed straight from the imaginations of the children and their ideas of being water wise.

Jewel of the Kimberley

To celebrate the closing of Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond Mine, view the unique collaboration by
West Australian artist Peter Ryan, and this hand made piece of gold rock with a vein of Argyle Pink Diamonds.