Shades of Blue – Exhibition

Peter Ryan Perth Artist Australian Art Exhibition, oil on wood, summer girls

A&A Gallery takes great pleasure
in inviting you to the Opening Night of
with works by

Peter Ryan, Susan Sheppard, Leon Holmes, Ann Steer,
Rebecca Warburton

With “Shades of Blue” we display new works by five artist with their very different and
unique styles.
Come and discover with us a variety of expressions and facettes of describing
what we might feel when we encounter the blue ocean, its beauty
and the people who know to enjoy it.

Friday, 18th November 7 – 9pm
Meet the artist and personally experience their unique and exquisite works. Light refreshments will be served during the night. There will also be a live music.
The Shades of Blue exhibition will run from 18th November – 4th December, and the gallery is open for viewing Monday to Saturday

Location: A&A Gallery, 88 Hay St Subiaco

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