Sketchbook September – Meet & Greet

Peter Ryan Sketching Live in September

30 days = 30 sketches for sale from my sketchbook.

As part of Sketchbook September, I plan for sketches to be picked up from my local art gallery ‘Arts Edge’ in Joondalup. And after the first week I will be there on Saturday the 9th to meet and greet those collecting their sketches and anyone else who wants to say hi!

I will be filling my time sketching for the following week, or even selling a few extras I finish on the day!


Saturday 9th September 2017

10am – 3pm

Arts Edge Gallery – 75/93 Joondalup Dr, Edgewater WA

Artworks – A4 size, 300gsm Archival Watercolour Paper. Signed and dated and available to purchase for the special price of $120 each.

This is a very limited special, and a unique opportunity to own an original artwork of mine.

Sketchbook September