The Beanstalk

Dulux Exterior Weather shield paint on Marine Grade Ply Wood

Artwork size: 2x 40cmx220cm

Location – Perth (northern suburb)

A  private backyard exterior artwork and personalized mural commission in Perth’s Northern Suburbs.

What made ‘The Beanstalk’ project unique was the creative problem solving with the space and the materials.This mural was purpose built to improved the exterior alfresco and cover the  blind posts. The two 40cm wide and 2.2m high brick columns needed to be covered up to hide the beams.

While at my clients home I made a surjection of theme which could cover the thin but long spaces and then the idea of the beanstalk opened up the opportunity to fill it with personal stories about the couple. I incorporated how they met, their jobs, hobbies, dog baby, wedding proposal and even where the sun rose and set from. It was a beautiful layered artwork they could enjoy and share forever, as they relaxed in their favourite space.