Peter Ryan
Journey of Health and Wellbeing

Sorry Week 2020 saw the launch of the animated video ‘The Journey of Health and Wellbeing’, which I designed (with the help of created the

‘The Journey of Health and Wellbeing’ is a 10 minute animated video to help promote understanding of Aboriginal people’s experience from colonization to the present day.

It was launched on Tuesday 26th 2020 in conjunction with National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week.

The concept was originally created by Mr Tim Muirhead ( see testimonial below) and Mr Danny Ford, and I was honoured to be asked by the Aboriginal Health Policy Directorate at the Department of Health Western Australia, to take the story and create something bright, beautiful, engaging and to add a depth of warmth and connection to share this message.

“Hi Peter,

It’s Tim Muirhead here – one of the people who’s concept was fed into the ‘Journey of Health and Wellbeing’. I just wanted to say that the universal response from people, in their feedback to me, has been that the animations are just perfect, and dramatically enhance the messages.In this charged area there would have been a thousand ways to get it wrong, and you have avoided all of them, and created a piece of dignity and clarity.

Congratulations and, most of all, thank you. I’ve been drawing my little ‘Journey’ diagram for 22 years, to groups of 20 at a time. This is the first time it’s found a wide audience. And that, as far as I can tell, is because of the quality of your animations.

So again, thank you. Regards

Tim Muirhead”