The Living Stream

The City of Bayswater in conjunction with Water Corporation developed turned this once rundown and neglected water runway into a beautiful ‘Living Stream’.

As part of the redevlopment, I was asked create the final upgrade, and paint a public mural to symbolise the project and convert the  pumpstation to a work of art. I went with the themr of ‘Living stream’ and design ‘The Living Leaves’ and fun and bright artwork showing the leaves coming to life with figures punching out of the leaves like jigsaw pieces and running around the station.

‘Water brings life to the trees,

trees bring life to the leaves,

and the leaves bring life to us…

welcome to the ‘Living Stream’

Water Corporation assets in Noranda and Morley to be splashed with colour 

Artist Peter Ryan splashes colourful flora and fauna on Morley water drain

Run Forrest Run