Peter likes to work with the community to educate, include and engage them with his bright artwork.

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Pizza & Paint Workshops

The fun experience of the ‘Pizza and Paint’ workshops where he entertains while teaches many art tricks, enjoy with friends or by yourself its a relaxed and casual atmosphere & Peter always makes sure everyone leaves with a feeling of value.

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School Projects

Peter has painted over 13 murals and art projects in the past 3 years with primary schools. The designs were produced as a result of ideas created from the art workshops and makes sure every student is represented in the piece, like Mullaloo beach Primary where every students idea not part of the hero pieces was then painted in the scales on the big red fish along West Coast Highway.

What Peter says about his Workshops:

“One of the interesting aspects of my workshops I have implemented is the fun experience of live designing with the students. Rather than bring the students ideas home to design the artworks, I get the students involved by workshopping live on my digital art app, drawing (and projecting) their ideas, collecting group decisions on colours etc and showing/teaching the students how I develop an artwork from ideas to a finished product. This element to the workshop I discovered engages the students and fills the gap between workshops and final artwork which students use to have.”